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DGS Construction - two hard hats

The Capital Construction Services Division implement and manage the public building needs through the Capital Improvements Plan for most District government agencies. The Plan outlines agencies’ capital needs, including the rehabilitation of existing properties and construction of new facilities.

The Capital Construction Services Division ensures the timely and cost-effective delivery of superior quality engineering and design, construction, as well as a variety of other technical services on all relevant capital development projects in the Plan.

This division contains the following seven activities:

  1. Tenant Improvement and Relocation
  2. Major Construction-Education
  3. Major Construction-Public Safety Facility
  4. Major Construction-Recreation Facility
  5. Horizontal Development
  6. Major Construction-Government
  7. Small Capital Projects (including the OPEFM Stabilization program)

The Capital Construction Services Division’s mission is to deliver quality, efficient and functional capital projects on-time and on-budget.

Profile on Education Cluster

DGS Education Cluster is responsible for the operations and maintenance of 116 schools in addition to buildings housing facilities related staff. The inventory of operating school buildings comprises 12,565,343 square feet (sq. ft.) of interior space; and, 22M square feet of exterior space comprised of athletic fields, parking areas, sidewalks, and playgrounds.

DGS in conjunction with DCPS are responsible for the planning and implementation of various initiatives ranging from school modernization, systemic / phased modernizations, small capital improvements, and ongoing stabilization efforts.

Schools Facilities Condotion Review

“Pursuant to D.C. Official Code §38-2803(b)(1A), the Department of General Services conducted an annual assessment of the condition of school facilities within the DCPS school facility inventory. The school systems, structures, and conditions are rated on a continuum of poor – to – good.”

DC Schools Facilities Condition Assessment (1-27-14)

Profile on Department of Parks and Recreation Cluster

DGS Department of Parks and Recreation manages:

As a result of the consolidation, DGS assumed the responsibility for the operations and maintenance of:

  • 63 recreation facilities
  • 379 parks and other properties for DPR
  • Six aquatic centers that operate all year long seven days a week and 365 days per year
  • Special focus recreational centers servicing early childhood and senior citizen programs”

Profile on Government Facilities Cluster

DGS Government Facilities Cluster manages:

  • DHS projects & Shelters and Transitional Housing projects
  • Americans with Disability Act (ADA) renovations. This project encompasses ADA compliance surveys, design, building renovation and signage at the following District facilities
  • Government centers:
  • FEMS: Fire stations and emergency medical centers
  • MPD: Police stations and other support buildings
  • City office buildings: Daly, Wilson, One Judiciary Square and the Reeves Center
  • Department of Corrections (DOC): Projects range from mechanical and electrical upgrades, security and life safety upgrades, to reconfigurations and expansions
  • Horizontal development projects planning, working with client agencies DMPED and Office of Planning
  • Tenant improvement
  • Office moves

Profile on Public Safety Facilities Cluster

DGS Public Safety Cluster manages:

  • Department of Corrections projects
  • DYRS projects
  • CFL-related projects
  • FEMS projects
  • MPD projects