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Hyde-Addison Elementary School Project

Hyde-Addison Elementary School

Project Overview

The Anthony T. Hyde Elementary School was part of a cluster of schools in Georgetown which includes the Curtis and Addison schools. Designed by well-known Washington architect Arthur B. Heaton in the early part of his career, the school was built in 1907 and named in honor of Anthony T. Hyde, a member of the Board of Guardians of the Georgetown public schools and prominent city banker. Addison Elementary School, adjacent to Hyde Elementary School, is located at 3246 P Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007 and was fully modernized in 2008 and became part of the new Hyde-Addison elementary school complex, a shared campus with entrances on O and P Streets, NW. The existing Hyde consists of approximately 20,000 square feet and serves approximately 315 students. Hyde was built in the classic style of having eight classrooms on two floors. Each classroom held children ranging in grades from first through eighth. Its 15 foot ceilings and huge windows reflected the then dominant theory that ventilation was the best form of disease prevention.

This project involves the construction of an addition to Hyde Elementary that will consist of approximately 9,500 feet of additional space as well as a Phase 1 modernization of the existing Hyde school. It is contemplated that the addition will house a “Gymatorium”, a media center and building service space (i.e. additional bathrooms, custodial and circulation space). This project will NOT include interior renovations of the Addison building. Site work will be directed at conserving the existing parking availability, preserving existing playground areas and circulation management. Due to the historic significance of the school and surrounding neighborhood, this project requires presentation of the proposed design to the Old Georgetown Board (OGB), the Commission on Fine Arts (CFA), and State Office of Historic Preservation (SHPO).

Given the size and age of the Hyde school, the process will be structured somewhat differently than the typical Phase 1 modernization. As currently configured, Hyde Elementary lacks many of the non-classroom spaces that would typically be renovated during the Phase 2 and some of these spaces will be added through the addition that is part of this project. Moreover, the windows were recently restored and the backbone of a new HVAC system was installed during the summer of 2012. As such, the work that is covered by this project will be more extensive than that contemplated in a typical Phase 1 program.

The intent is to implement the project using a modified design-build approach, with the Department of General Services (DGS) engaging the design team until a procurement of a builder through a separate solicitation. The selected builder will work with the design team, DGS and its Program Manager in a preconstruction role during the winter of 2013 and early spring of 2014. At the conclusion of this effort, the design team will issue a set of design development documents for both the renovation and the addition that will be used by the builder to obtain trade bids for the work and which will serve as the basis for a Guaranteed Maximum Price (the “GMP”). Once the Builder and the DGS agree upon a GMP, the DGS will assign the architect’s contract to the builder.

The actively engaged Hyde-Addison School community has lobbied fervently for this modernization. The recently selected architectural/engineering team of BLOC-Atlantic/Shinberg Levinas Architects is currently working to develop a concept consistent with the need to conduct physical education classes, have a fully functioning after care program, hold on-campus indoor events that can include the entire student community and family gatherings such as the International Dinner and Back to School Night. Due to the concurrent objectives of preserving existing parking, optimizing the playground and connecting the two existing buildings, the initial thoughts are to design a partially submerged structure that would create a green roof that could be used as play space. Facilitating this concept is the belief that the lowest floor of the Addison building is at approximately the same elevation as the Hyde building’s first floor.

Project Details

Caption: Hyde-Addison Elementary School Modernization Project
Ward: 2
Existing Building Square Footage
  • Hyde: 20,000 SF
  • Addison: 12,450 SF
  • Combined: 32,450 SF
Modernized Building Square Footage
  • Hyde: 19,947 SF
  • Addison: 15,868 SF
  • Combined: 35,815 SF (*Estimated net floor areas)
Construction Type: Renovation/Addition
Construction Cost / Square Footage: TBD
Current Enrollment: 330
Modernized Capacity: 400 (*Estimated net floor areas)
Notice of Award: 8-22-13
Design Start: 8-22-13
Ground Breaking: 6-23-14 (Estimated)
Building Permit: TBD
Substantial Completion (Hyde): 8-15-14 (Estimated)
Substantial Completion (Addition): 3-20-15 (Estimated)
Project Completion: 5-30-15 (Estimated)
Status: In Progress
Project Team
DGS Program Manager: Peter A. Davidson, Sr. and Monique Forrest
Architect: BLOC-Atlantic and Shinberg Levinas
Architectural Managers: Clarence Wadkins and Milton Shinberg
Contractor: MCN Build, LLC
Contractor Manager: Joseph Khoury
Current Status: Refining preliminary conceptual design in anticipation of preliminary review with the Old Georgetown Board (OGB), the US Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and State Office of Historic Preservation (SHPO).
LEED/Sustainable Design Initiatives: The project goal is to be LEED Silver or better.

Featured Presentation

Hyde Addison Elementary School Project CFA Presentation

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