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Happy Earth Day and Congratulations to the DCPS Recycles! Honor Roll

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Today DGS released the DCPS Recycles! Honor Roll recognizing 40 schools that have shown enthusiasm for, and excellence in, recycling this year.
DCPS Recycles! participant
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The Department of General Services Announces 2014 DCPS Recycles! Honorees

(WASHINGTON, DC) - The Department of General Services (DGS) announced today that on Earth Day (April 22), the recipients of the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) “DCPS Recycles! Honor Roll”. The 40 DCPS schools honored today have shown enthusiasm for, and excellence in, recycling.
“Through the collaborative effort of DGS and DCPS, we are making an impact in every classroom across the District,” said Brian J. Hanlon, DGS Director. “DGS is dedicated to elevating the quality of life in the District and one way of reaching that goal is by teaching students in the classroom how to be more sustainable contributors to the world they live in.”

Special recognition goes to the 11 DCPS schools that paved the way for next year’s fight against food waste by participating in the compost pick up pilot during the 2013-2014 school year, said Sam Brooks, DGS Energy & Sustainability Director.

“This year these schools sent 16 tons of cafeteria and kitchen waste to a composting facility instead of a landfill or incinerator. Next year the program will expand to all DCPS schools,” Brooks said. Under the Healthy Schools Act of 2010, DGS is responsible for a variety of activities designed to ensure that schools are healthy, safe places to learn. These include programs on recycling and composting, energy reduction, drinking water testing, indoor air quality, and integrated pest management.

“In an effort to fulfill the Sustainable DC goals and objectives, the Energy and Sustainability team is greening the entire District’s portfolio from playground and recreational facilities to state-of-the-art educational environments,” Brooks said.

“DGS is not just constructing green buildings, we are training school staff and students how to care for their environment,” added Beth Gingold, DGS Schools Conservation Coordinator. “And special thanks to the custodial staff at each DCPS school who make the program work on a daily basis!”

The Department of General Services’ Energy and Sustainability Division is creating one of the most efficient and sustainable portfolios of real estate in the United States, ultimately saving DC taxpayers $100 million over the next decade, Brooks said. During 2014, the Division’s focus is to reduce costs while de-risking and de-carbonizing energy supply, increase recycling rates in DCPS and promoting forward-looking urbanism that improves health outcomes for city residents, he said.

DCPS Recycles! 2014 Honorees

  • Aiton Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Amidon-Bowen Elementary School (Ward 6)
  • Ballou High School (Ward 8)
  • Benjamin Banneker High School (Ward 1)
  • Burroughs Education Campus (Ward 5)
  • Burrville Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan (Ward 6)
  • Cardozo Education Campus (Ward 1)
  • Cleveland Elementary School (Ward 1)
  • Deal Middle School (Ward 3)
  • Duke Ellington School of the Arts (Ward 2)
  • Hart Middle School (Ward 8)
  • Hendley Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • J.O. Wilson Elementary School (Ward 6)
  • Janney Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • Ketcham Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Key Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • Kimball Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • King Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Lafayette Elementary School (Ward 4)
  • Langdon Education Campus (Ward 5)
  • Leckie Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Mamie D Lee School (Ward 5)
  • Mann Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • McKinley Education Campus (Ward 5)
  • Moten Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Orr Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (Ward 3)
  • Powell Elementary School (Ward 4)
  • Randle Highlands Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Ross Elementary School (Ward 2)
  • School without Walls @ Francis Stevens (Ward 2)
  • School Without Walls High School (Ward 2)
  • Seaton Elementary School (Ward 6)
  • Sharpe Health School (Ward 4)
  • Sousa Middle School (Ward 7)
  • Stanton Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Stoddert Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • Thomson Elementary School (Ward 2)
  • Walker Jones Education Campus (Ward 6)
  • Watkins Elementary School (Ward 6)
  • West Education Campus (Ward 4)

Compost Pick Up Pilot Participants

  • Cardozo High School (Ward 1)
  • Deal Middle School (Ward 3)
  • Dunbar High School (Ward 5)
  • Key Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • Janney Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • Mann Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • Murch Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • Shepherd Elementary School (Ward 4)
  • Stoddert Elementary School (Ward 3)
  • Walker Jones Education Campus (Ward 6)
  • Wilson High School (Ward 3)

The Department of General Services

The mission of the Department of General Services (DGS) is to elevate the quality of life for the District with superior construction, first-rate maintenance and expert real estate management. By building and maintaining safe and green state-of-the-art facilities which foster economic growth and elevate educational environments, our trusted and skillful employees create modern and vibrant communities across all of the District of Columbia. For more information on the DCPS Recycles! Honor Roll, visit DGS Healthy Schools page at

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