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DGS FY15 Budget

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FY 2015 Department of General Services (AM0)

Goal and Mission

The goal of the Department of General Services (DGS) is to ensure the delivery of new or modernized, well-equipped, well-maintained, safe and secure buildings and facilities for the benefit of District residents and employees. Further, the agency’s mission is to promote the efficient and effective management of the District’s real estate investments and interests through strategic portfolio management, construction and facilities management. To this end, DGS will incorporate best management practices from both the public and private sectors where useful.

Summary of Services

The Department of General Services (DGS) carries out a broad range of real estate management functions. In addition to managing capital improvement and construction program for a variety of District government agencies, DGS also executes real property acquisitions by purchase or lease; disposes of property through sale, lease or other authorized method; manages space in buildings and adjacent areas; and provides building management services for facilities owned or operated by the District. Among the services provided are engineering, custodial, security, energy conservation, utility management, general maintenance, inspection, planning, and capital repairs and improvement.
In all of its endeavors, DGS is dedicated to the following:
  • Achieving Efficiency in Operations;
  • Quality in Design and Execution;
  • Excellence in Service and Maintenance;
  • Delivering Secure and Safe Places of Work for District Employees; and
  • Delivering Aggressive and Attentive Management of the District’s Resources.

Budgetary Resources

The Department of General Services’ (DGS) approved FY 2015 gross budget is $439,573,617, which represents an 11.3 percent increase over its FY 2014 approved gross budget of $394,937,969. The budget is comprised of $300,859,513 in Local funds, $6,324,893 in Special Purpose Revenue funds, and $132,389,212 in Intra-District funds.

DGS’ operating and capital allotment funds total $986.2 million (439,573,617 from local and 546,653,654 from capital); they support 707.65 (670.90 from local and special purpose and 36.75 capital)  full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, almost 26 million square footage of building space, 160 school facilities, 89 recreation centers and 392 other facilities..  DGS implements the capital projects for various other District agencies including the DC Public Schools, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, the Department of Corrections, the Dept. of Youth Rehabilitation Services, the Office of the Secretary, the Department of Healthcare Finance, and the Office of Unified Communications. 

The agency’s FY 2015 approved budget is presented in the following tables: