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Brand Guidelines

Brand GuidelinesWhen do I use the logo?
The Logo Is Used on All DGS Documents.

The Logo is used for all communication materials, including brochures, advertisements, etc.

How do I use the logo?
Placed in the upper left hand corner. All usage of the DGS logo must include the DC Stars and Bars and One City Logos on the right.

What color is the logo?


The colored logo is the standard and is used for most applications. The background of the DGS logo is transparent, which on most document uses will be white.


In exceptional cases, such as on colored forms or carbon copy sheets, the black and white version of the logo may be used on colored backgrounds.

There are no other exceptions to using the logo in any other colors.

What size is the logo?
On documents the logo should be 1” by 1”. In larger formats, it
should always remain an even square shape and never be stretched, Elongated or manipulated into a different shape.

If you have any questions on how to use the DGS logo, contact the Communications team at [email protected].

Please see attachment below.