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DGS Solicitations

Blue RFP Binders

The Department of General Services Contracting and Procurement division procures goods and services to satisfy the construction and maintenance activities of the agency. This is done through the utilization of three primary procurement methods:

  • Invitation for Bid (IFB): The solicitation document used for competitive sealed bidding for the purchase of equipment, materials, goods and construction, Link to Presentation

  • Request for Proposal (RFP): The solicitation document used in the competitive sealed proposal process. The RFP procedure permits negotiation of proposals and prices. Link to Presentation

  • Request for Quote (RFQ): The solicitation document used in competitive procurement is awarded to the lowest bidder.  Factors such as technical or professional skills and experience are also considered when making awards to a vendor.

Most DGS contracts will be procured through one of these three methods. All commodities or services previously issued under BPAs will now be subject to competition using one of the methods described above. Current BPAs will expire and be replaced by ID/IQ contracts. Contract awards in excess of $100,000 are based on IFB and RFP procurement methods. 

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Beginning in March 2016, all solicitations with a proposal/bid due date that have passed will be posted on the DGS Archived Solicitations page. Contract award data for all solicitations is available on the Contract Award page.

Active DGS Solicitations

Interested and/or authorized individuals may submit bids for the following DGS Solicitations:

Solicitation ID

Solicitation Name

Issuance Date

Proposal Due Date / Extension*

CBE Set-aside / Open or Sheltered Market



Construction Management Services Goding Elementary School HVAC

March 22, 2017 April 13, 2017 at 2:00 PM CSBE Set aside Lorrae S. Jordan
Contract Specialist
[email protected]


Design-Build Services Office of Cable Television Film, Music and Entertainment Renovation Project

March 17, 2017

April 14, 2017 by 2:00 PM

CBE Set-Aside Courtney Washington
Contract Specialist
[email protected]
  Call to Artists for Garrison Elementary School March 15, 2017 March 24, 2017 DC Artists receive extra credit Sandy Bellamy
Percent for Art
[email protected]
  Call to Artists for Watkins Elementary School March 15, 2017 March 24, 2017 DC Artists receive extra credit Sandy Bellamy
Percent for Art
[email protected]
DCAM-17-NC-0022 Preventative Maintenance, Repairs, Rentals, Relocation
and Installation Services for Generators
March 9, 2017 April 10, 2017 by 11:00 AM Set-Aside Keith R. Giles
Contract Specialist
[email protected]
DCAM-17-CS-0066 Estimator Services March 6, 2017 March 31, 2017 by 2:00 PM Open Market Mia Jackson
Contract Specialist
[email protected]


Facility Condition Assessments February 27, 2017 CANCELLED Set-Aside Ulrich Kossekpa
Contract Specialist
[email protected]
DCAM-17-CS-0055 4300 - 4304 12th Street Permanent Supportive Housing Facility February 15, 2017 March 29, 2017 by 2:00 PM Shelter Market (CBE/SBE) Elouise Fripp
Contract Specialist
[email protected]
DCAM-17-CS-0049 Construction Services for The John A. Wilson Building Exterior Restoration - Phase 2 February 10, 2017 March 31, 2017 by 2:00 PM CBE Preference Courtney Washington
Contract Specialist
[email protected]
DGS-RFS-DDOT-2016-09 Request for Space: DC Department of Transportation – DC Circulator September 16, 2016 Proposal Reviews Starting: Thursday, October 20, 2016   Sheryl E. Ponds
Realty Program Specialist
[email protected]


Request for Space - Department of Human Services Day Center May 20, 2016 Open until all requirements have been fulfilled  

Regina H. Payton
Real Estate Specialist
[email protected]


RFQ for Pre-qualification of General Contractors, Trade Subcontractors and Related Construction Service Providers

March 16, 2016

Open until all requirements have been fulfilled

Yes; Sheltered Market

Karen J. Araujo
Contract Specialist
[email protected]