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Marvin Gaye Playground - Recreation Center - Trail Project

Marvin Gaye Playground, Recreation Center, and Trail Project

Project Overview

Phase 1: Design and build new playground
Phase 2 & 3: Develop design documents for new construction of recreation center and improvements to park and trail system

Project Details

Marvin Gaye Playground, Recreation Center and Trail Project
Locations: 56201 Banks Place, NE
Ward: 7
Owner Agency: DPR
Construction Agency: DGS
Start Date: Phased Project
Phase I: Construction of Playground - Summer 2014
Phases 2 and 3: Recreation Center and TrailI Improvements
Phase: TBD
End Date: Phase 1 - Playground Construction End - Fall 2014
DGS Project Manager: Cynthia McClendon
General Contractor: General Contractor: D/B for Playground: KADCON
Architects: Hughes Group and Jordan Honeyman
Green Features/LEED Certification: TBD
Phase I: Pre-construction Phase in progress
Phase 2 & 3: A/E Selection Procurement in Progress
DGS Contacts: Ella Faulkner and Jackie Stanley

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