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Hauling Services

Use the Master Hauling Schedule to fill out your school’s Specific Hauling Schedule to post in custodial office.

Summary of Services

DGS provides all DCPS schools with four types of containers for pick up services. Use each type of container to store only the materials described below.

Most schools have these containers and pick up schedule:

  • (1) 8 cubic yard dumpster for paper recyclables, 2 times per week.
  • (2) 96 gallon carts for mixed recyclables, 2 times per week
  • (3) 96 gallon carts for organics, 3 times per week
  • (1) 8 cubic yard dumpster for non-recyclable trash, 3 times per week.

Schools with compactors instead of dumpsters receive on-call services.

Check whether your school is on the Organics Hauling Services Schedule this year. Also, see the DCPS Recycles! interactive maps to see which schools are receiving organics hauling services.

Bulk Waste, Electronic Waste, Universal Waste, Hazardous Waste, and Other Waste Streams

  • Bulk Waste
    • Unusable bulk waste - Request pick-up using SmartDGS.
    • Reusable bulk items - Fill out a 525 form.
  • Electronic waste - Fill out a 525 form.
  • Universal waste (lightbulbs and batteries) - Request pick-up using SmartDGS. More info at http://esa.dc.gov/.
  • Hazardous waste - Request pick-up using SmartDGS. More info at http://esa.dc.gov/.
  • Printer cartridges – Guidance coming soon!
  • Paper shredding – Guidance coming soon!

Prevent Hauling Services Problems

  • Use correct liners for each bin. See Guidelines on Liner Use on for further instructions on liners.
  • Keep cart lids completely closed at all times. Any overflow should be placed in trash dumpster to avoid attracting pests. Request support from DGS if this becomes a recurring issue.
  • Lock dumpster or dumpster enclosure to prevent illegal dumping and contamination.
  • Do not allow cars to park in front of dumpster or dumpster enclosure, as this prevents haulers from serving containers.
  • Do not leave bulk trash outside unless you have requested bulk trash services, as this can create pest problem and/or safety hazard.

Report hauling service problems to DGS immediately (e.g. missed pick-ups, illegal dumping, neighborhood contamination). Contact: Susan Riley – [email protected] or (202) 442-9746.

Visit DC Department of Public Works for information on residential recycling.