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Training & Safety

Building Operator Training: Smart Building Network
The DGS building portfolio will soon evolve to incorporate Building Automation Systems (BAS) that will utilize hardware and software to monitor, evaluate and control buildings to optimize the system performance of its Smart Building Network (SBN). These changes will require training building operators on how to use the software interface and tools to maximize BAS capabilities. DGS-SE will offer training programs to fill the knowledge gaps and ensure that building operators take advantage of the many features of the BAS that will be important as benchmarking and performance monitoring become essential in reducing energy use and costs.
DGS Energy Management Academy

In 2016, DGS-SE created the DGS Energy Management Academy to provide employees with the cutting edge skills required to operate new, high-performance buildings as efficiently and effectively as possible. DGS-SE recognized the gap in local training for building science and energy efficiency and partnered with the University of the District of Columbia’s Center for Architectural Innovation the Building Science (CAIBS) to offer training to the public and private sector employees and workforce development candidates. DGS has sent over 75 employees to UDC’s training program for continuing education or to earn certifications and has also worked with the DC Sustainable Energy Utility and other partners to offer training across the city.  

In a Building Re-tuning training in 2018, building operators learn simple tricks for making their buildings more cost and energy-efficient

Upcoming Training:
FY20: Building Operator Certification Training (to be announced)

Online Training:
Building Retuning Training- These e-learning courses teach how to assess buildings’ energy needs, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement low-cost changes to reduce overall energy consumption.

• Federal Energy Management Program e-learning courses- The interactive, on-demand, self-paced courses are designed to provide up-to-date information targeted to mid-level Federal Energy, Water, and Sustainability Managers but are great resources for city employees.

Past trainings:

FY18: DGS, UDC, and the DCSEU are scaled up their training offerings in FY18, providing training for the public and private sectors. Training offered included:
•    Building Retuning overview course- Fall 2018
•    Building Retuning for Buildings with BAS (summer/fall 2018)
•    Building Operator Certification at the DCSUE (BOC)-Fall ’18
•    LEED GA - Winter ‘18
•    Building Re-tuning- February ’18
•    Building Re-tuning- May 23-24, 2018

FY17: DGS partnered with the University of the District of Columbia to offer building science training locally, and formed the UDC Center for Architectural Innovation and Building Science (CAIBS). DGS and UDC collaborated with the DC Sustainable Energy Utility and the Pennsylvania College of Technology to provide training to local workforce development participants to specifically fill the local training gap. 

Training offered to the public and private sector:
• Building Operator Certification Training
• LEED Green Associate Training

Training offered to DGS staff - 
• Building Operator Certification Training (BOC)