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Mowing and Grounds Landscaping Services

Springtime kicks off the regular scheduled mowing season for DGS. Annually, in March, DGS begins city-wide grass mowing at nearly 600 District-owned locations, including at schools, recreation centers, municipal buildings, and parks. Throughout the summer months, the frequency of mowing will coincide with weather forecasts and rain accumulation.

In addition to mowing season, DGS also performs grounds landscaping maintenance city-wide, this includes Weed Removal, Bushes/Hedges Trimming, Dead limbs and branch removal.

These services begin in March and end December 31st. Residents have been able to report grounds maintenance to DGS since 2019, to help us keep District facilities maintained. To learn more about mowing services, read the FAQ below.

To view the DGS Mowing Map.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do mowing services begin?

  • This service is provided annually between March 1st through December 31st, as a part of the Agency’s spring-summer readiness activities.

Will the grass be mowed, every 2-3 weeks?

  • The frequency of mowing changes, depending on the accumulation of rain and the month. Mowing services are contingent upon both weather and the growth of grass. For example, during the months of April and May – weather permitting – mowing is performed every week. In September, the sessions are conducted bi-weekly, mowing season ends December 31st.

How many properties are DGS responsible for mowing?

  • DGS Facilities Management handles more than 600 specific locations, which include DC Public Schools (DCPS) sites, Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) facilities parks and triangle parks, and other municipal properties. Please note, this does not encompass athletic fields, turf, playgrounds, and other specialty fields.

Is DGS responsible for mowing public spaces (medians, sidewalks, etc.)

  • DGS is not responsible for mowing public spaces such as medians and sidewalks. The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides mowing services for public spaces.

Is DGS responsible for mowing parks under the Federal jurisdiction of National Park Service?

  • DGS is not responsible for mowing public spaces managed by the National Park Service.

Is DGS responsible for mowing vacant properties and locations?

  • Yes. DGS is responsible for vacant government vacant properties owned by the District within the DGS property portfolio.  

How does DGS schedule locations?

  • DGS considers all District-owned properties that it manages as important facilities. Locations are on a schedule depending on weather and grass growth. In certain instances, locations are scheduled based on special events and activities. For example, DPR permitted activities fields.

What happens when it rains? Is there a plan in place to reschedule?

  • In inclement weather, DGS coordinates with its contractors to reschedule mowing.

Where can residents see when a DGS location is expected to receive service?

 How can residents report a missed mowing day or request grounds landscaping requests at DGS managed facilities?

  • Since 2019, DGS has been 311. To place a DGS Grounds Landscaping or Missed Mowing Service Request. Visit 311 here: It is important to note that any locations or assets outside of DGS's purview will be rejected and closed.

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