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Kitchen Hoods, Stoves/Ovens, and Miscellaneous Appliances - Preventative Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement Services Documentation

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The District of Columbia Department of General Services (DGS), Contracts and Procurement Division, is issuing this lnvitation for Bids (lFB) to engage one or more Contractors to perform certain preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacement services described herein with respect to Kitchen Hoods, Stoves/Ovens, and Miscellaneous Appliances (as each term is defined below, and together are the "Equipment") located at Fire & Emergency Medical Services (FEMS) facilities, identified on Attachment A attached hereto (hereafter, "Facilities"). Please see Section 8.1 below for definitions of capitalized terms.

The intent of this contract is to be proactive and detect possible failures with respect to certain Equipment before they develop into major defects. ln addition, the intent of this contract is to ensure the timely repair and, if necessary, replacement of Equipment, as needed.

The awarded contractors (each a "Contractor") will be required to provide Services (as defined below) to all Equipment currently owned by the Department, and any new Equipment purchased by the Department during the term of this contract.

The Department has categorized each of the Equipment into the following three groups (each an "Equipment Group"): (i) Group A: Kitchen Hoods; (ii) Group B: Stoves/Ovens; and (ii) Group C: Dryers and M iscellaneous Appliances.

DGS reserves the right, at any time (including after an award hereunder), to add or remove (i)
categories of Equipment, or individual pieces of Equipment within a particular Equipment Group, to be serviced by a Contractor hereunder, or (ii) any facilities to, or from, the list of Facilities awarded to a Contractor(s) hereunder. lnterested bidders are permitted to submit proposals to perform Services for all Equipment Groups. Bidders must bid on all line items (i.e., base year and the two option years, etc.) within each Equipment Group. The Department intends to award up to three (3) contracts (one for each Equipment Group), and awards will be made to the responsive and responsible bidder offering the lowest price, per Equipment Group, for these services specified herein. DGS will select only one Contractor for each Equipment Group, and can award multiple Equipment Groups to one Contractor.