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Arboretum Community Meeting: April 9, 2019 information

With a budget of $7.2 million, DPR and DGS hosted a live vote on three options for the new recreation center that would fit within the budget. The results of this vote are intended to guide the conceptual design of the recreation center. The conceptual layout will be presented at the next community meeting.

  • Option 1: A 1/2 Gym with limited additional spaces
  • Option 2: a couple of large multipurpose rooms with additional smaller specialized spaces
  • Option 3: many specialized smaller spaces

The community voted for Option 2 above.

Then a second live vote was held to vote on what the program spaces would hold. These are the results of that, in order:

  • formal fitness (13)
  • Boxing (10)
  • Multi-purpose / fitness (8)
  • Multi-purpose / community (7) tied
  • Sensory Play (7) tied
  • Computer room (6) tied
  • Media / Reading (6) tied
  • Senior room (4) tied
  • Music room (4) tied
  • Lounge (4) tied
  • Teen / Game room (3)
  • Classroom (2) tied
  • 1/2 gym (2) tied