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Programmatic Planning Process

Programmatic Planning Process - Agency Moving Process Checklist

Comprehensive Space Needs Analysis (Programming)

Aligning with your organization’s strategies, plans and goals, we perform top-down interviews to determine your future space needs. We also address workflow and critical adjacencies. These findings are then documented in a report which includes short-term and long-term useable square footage requirements.

Agency Relocation Project Leaders

The Department of General Services (DGS) recognizes that relocating a team or an entire government agency is very demanding and time consuming. Consequently, it is strongly recommended that agencies assign a minimum of two staff members as Agency Project Leaders, to facilitate the respective Agency tasks and deliverables throughout the moving process.

Agency Project Leader Responsibilities

The Agency Project Leaders are required to:

  • participate in project meetings
  • maintain open lines of communication with DGS
  • adhere to the project schedule
  • assign tasks to the organization’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) when appropriate
  • meet deliverable deadlines
  • ask questions and provide respective agencies specific feedback

An Agency's Relocation Roles and Responsibilities

Throughout the relocation project, an Agency's roles and responsibilities include:

  • Participating in the space programming Programmatic Planning Process, which includes:
    • completing initial surveys
    • working with A/E firm to review information
    • signoff of the final report
  • Reviewing the “Test Fit” to confirm that the proposed space is adequate to meet agency needs.
  • Reviewing construction drawings on a periodic basis, until completed with final sign-off on plans.
  • Confirming that the agency has appropriate funding for space and capital requirements.
  • Working closely with DGS and the Relocation Management Team to prepare for and execute the move.
  • Ensuring that the agency implements the Agency Vacating Leased Space Checklist