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Ward Six Senior Wellness Center

The Ward Six Senior Wellness Center is a 26,000 square foot structure that will provide several services for District seniors. These services will include health promotion and disease prevention activities as well as programs that promote self-care, exercise, healthy lifestyles, and longevity for District residents.

The project includes the renovation and construction of a new addition to the former Hayes Elementary School.  The site will also be the future headquarters for the Office on Aging.

Project Manager: Jay Dolphin

Project at a Glance
Project Title: Ward Six Senior Wellness Center
Providing Agency: Department of General Services
Type: Renovation/Modernization
Actual Budget: $11,300,000.00
Location: 500 K Street NE (Corner of 5th and K St., NE)

Milestones and Deliverables
Ward Six Senior Wellness Center:
Design: Complete
Construction: Spring 2011
Project Completion: Spring/Summer 2011


  • Office on Aging

Ward Six Senior Wellness Center
Read answers to frequently asked questions about the Ward Six Senior Wellness Center.

  1. What is a Senior Wellness Center?
    1. A senior wellness center provides programs specifically tailored towards the needs of seniors in nutrition, overall health and wellness, computer literacy and exercise.
  2. Who may receive services at the Senior Wellness Center?
    1. All District residents over the age of 50.
  3. Why is it called the Hayes Senior Wellness Center?
    1. In reverence to the fact that it is a 100+ year-old historical building that was formerly theRutherford B. Hayes Elementary School.
  4. What other offices will be located on the site?
    1. The DC Office of Aging (OA) is relocating to this location to bring senior services closer to thecommunity. All District senior programs will be headquartered from this location.
  5. Why are there two (2) colors of brick?
    1. For historical preservation and perspective; to mark a distinction between the historical past and the new portion.
  6. When is the building scheduled to open?
    1. Late Summer 2011
  7. Why is there a playground on the site if the building and services are tailored toward seniors?
    1. For intergenerational mentoring and development purposes. The idea is to have seniors interact with the newest generation and help shape their lives with decades of wisdom.
  8. What are the building hours of operation? Playground and sitting areas?
    1. Building hours of operations: Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm
    2. Playground and sitting areas: Sunday thru Saturday, 8:00am to DUSK