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DCAM-19-NC-IFB-0014 - Low Voltage Closed Circuit Television and Audio-Visual Purchase, Maintenance, Repair and Technical Advisory Services

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Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 11:00am


The District of Columbia Department of General Services (the “Department” or “DGS”) is issuing this Invitation for Bids (“IFB”) to engage multiple contractors to provide certain maintenance, repair, replacement and technical advisory services, as described herein, at various District of Columbia (the “District”) government owned or operated facilities including D.C. Public Schools (DCPS), Metropolitan Police Department Stations (MPD), Department of Parks and Recreational facilities (DPR) or other municipal buildings (collectively, the “Facilities”). As is more fully described below, the maintenance, repair, replacement and technical advisory services to be performed by a contractor hereunder at any given facility shall include, but is not limited to the following: (i) the maintenance, repair and replacement of various audio, visual and low voltage systems (including all audio-visual systems i.e., video surveillance and closed circuit television systems), security systems (i.e., panel monitoring systems and access control systems), public announcement clock systems and IT structured cabling together with all related equipment, parts and components (collectively, the “Equipment”); and (ii) technical advisory services as it relates to future and or modification of current technology, communications or security needs for specified facilities. As such the contractor(s) selected under this procurement (each a “Contractor”) shall be capable of, and well experienced with providing all of the Services contemplated hereunder. The intent of this contract is to provide certain maintenance, repair, replacement and technical advisory services to the Facilities to ensure the proper design, acquisition, installation, operations and maintenance of the Equipment. In addition, the intent of this contract is to ensure that such services are performed in the most complete, competent and comprehensive manner by qualified industry professionals consistent with the Performance Standards as defined in Section [B.1]. As such, the District is seeking highly qualified contractor(s) with demonstrated knowledge, skills and capabilities to provide the Services as defined in Section [B.1]. The Contractor(s) shall provide all management, labor, materials, tools, supplies, equipment, repair parts, and transportation necessary to perform the Services for a base year and up to four (4) additional one (1) year options.

Solicitation ID : DCAM-19-NC-IFB-0014

Joanne Nightingale
(202) 671-2702