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DCAM-19-NC-RFP-0006-Comprehensive Facility Condition Assessments

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Due Date: 
Monday, May 6, 2019 - 11:00am


The District of Columbia Government (the “District”), acting by and through its The Department of General Services (“DGS” or the “Department”), Division of Contracts and Procurement, collectively the “District”, is seeking multiple contractors to prepare Comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment and Space Utilization Studies (“the evaluation” or “the FCA”) for various District of Columbia owned and or operated facilities. This work shall consist of collecting and providing documented data to define and determine the short and long-term level of capital reinvestment needed to maintain the subject facilities as safe, reliable, functional and more energy efficient government assets. The evaluations shall provide objective, analytical findings and recommendations that optimally meet the identified needs; producing both a physical plan of action as well as the basis of an estimated, recommended budget, to satisfy those needs. The District will use the information from the evaluation to determine future capital funding needs, space needs and to identify future physical repair, replacement and upgrade projects.

The awarded Contractors shall provide all supervision, labor materials, tools, supplies, vehicles, lifts, equipment, transportation, travel and all home office overhead to ensure effective performance of these services prescribed herein for a Base Period (“BP”) and up to four (4) one (1) year Option Years (“OY”).

Solicitation IDDCAM-19-NC-RFP-0006

Domonique L. Banks
(202) 719-6544