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Determination and Findings for Sole Source Procurement - Roof Management Services

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Due Date: 
Monday, December 24, 2018 - 9:00am


The Department of General Services ("DGS" or "Department") has a need to continue the day­ to-day management of approximately 11 million square feet of roofs on all DGS facilities (the "Roof Portfolio"). Given the nature of the Roof Portfolio, including the number of existing and new projects to be implemented and the work to be undertaken, the Department desires to continue services with the current contractor Lightbox-Bluefin Partners (the "Roof Consultant") to provide management services to assist the Department in managing the Roof Portfolio and the individual projects within the Department. The Roof Consultant will continue to implement a proactive management program to ensure that the roofs are properly maintained and managed so as to increase asset life and thereby decrease capital costs, prevent leaks and ensure that any leaks that do occur are remedied in a prompt manner, and to facilitate the use of the roof spaces so as to ensure environmental efficiency, reduce storm water run-off and, where appropriate serve as platform for alternative energy such as solar arrays. Specifically, DGS needs the experience of a Roof Consultant to continue managing large, multi-site roof portfolio of similar size and scope and to provide the following services as fully described in the Scope of Work: 1) visually inspecting roof sections; 2) managing a leak response center as well as dispatching, managing and supervising roofing contractors in connection with roof leaks; 3) designing and providing construction administration for roof rehabilitation and re­ roofing projects; 4) providing oversight of roof design and construction for major renovation and new construction projects; 5) Providing roof summary detailing roof condition by section, with estimated remaining service life by section; 6) providing roof system information documenting existing roof assembly; 7) providing online access through Roof Express for testing results as appropriate (i.e., asbestos and moisture testing); 8) providing Roof Condition Index Evaluation documenting the condition and rate the condition/status of the quality of original construction and subsequent maintenance, leak and leak damage, roof field membrane, perimeter flashing, projection flashings, sheet metal components, drainage and estimating remaining service life; 9) providing online access through Roof Express for digital photographs and a photograph log depicting detailing conditions found with a label as to what the photo is identifying their location designated on the roof plan; online access through Roof Express to an online interactive roof plan showing all roof boundaries, rooftop equipment and projections/penetrations, drain locations, as well as survey information such as slope direction, areas of significant ponding water, photo locations and action codes as to ay repairs that are recommended. The roof plan will include a legend identifying all roof components, recommended repairs, core sample location, etc.; 10) providing a leak response call center for leak calls and other roof-related emergencies to include dispatch of contractors and verification of requirements and work completed; 11) providing construction quality assurance; 12) providing safety auditing; 13) providing construction observation; 14) providing support to design and construction management contracts; 15) providing energy and sustainability support; 16) providing building envelope energy conservation assessments; 17) providing PV and solar thermal assessments and feasibility studies; 18) providing green roof assessments; 19) providing professional development and workforce development; 19) providing operation and maintenance of roof systems deliverables; 20) providing capital requirements for roof systems deliverables; 21) providing construction quality assurance reports; 22) providing online roof/energy information system and database; and 23) providing security checks and procedures.

Karen D. Hubbard
(202) 698-7504