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Emergency Procurement-Architecture and Engineering Services for Generator Upgrades at the DC Department of Corrections Central Detention Facility

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Due Date: 
Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 2:00pm


The District of Columbia Department of General Services ("Department" or "DGS"), and the District of Columbia Department of Corrections ("DOC") has an immediate need for Bell Architects, PC. ("Contractor") to complete design development and pennitting required to install generators and a transfer switch at the Central Detention Facility to comply with the backup needs for facility operation. Backup generators are required to maintain the safety for mission-critical agency during a power outage. The power outages are more frequent due to inconsistent supply from Pepco Feeder No. 154. The DOC has rented temporary generators to prevent service interruption.
The DOC operates and maintains the 450,000 square feet ('SF") Central Detention Facility ("CDF"), and the 450,000 SF Correctional Treatment Facility  ("CTF"). Both facilities are nationally accredited by the American Correctional Association ("ACA"). The CDF is located at l 901D Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003 and was opened in 1976 with a total capacity to house 2,164 inmates. The CTF is located at 1901 E Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 and was opened in 1992 with a capacity to house l ,400 inmates. Facility populations include pretrial detainees, sentenced misdemeanants and felons, parole violators, writs and holds. Offenders include all custody levels, minimum to maximum security including high profile and protective custody inmates. Both facilities comprise of multiple buildings and housing units with high-tech security and control access systems including closed-circuit television cameras, programmable logic­ control ("PLC") based modem cell door systems, HVAC systems with associated chillers, integrated fire-alarm systems and an extensive plumbing and steam distribution system.

Karen D. Hubbard