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Emergency Procurement for Geotechnical Engineering Services

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 The District of Columbia Department of General Services (the "Department" or "DGS"), contracts and Procurement Division, is issuing this Emergency Purchase Order Agreement to Schnabel Engineering DC, Inc. on April 20, 2018. According to the site visit dated April l0th and April 12th 2018, the below grade-wall of an existing townhouse (4920 Jay Street NE) has caved inward and the basement space has been flooded with water. An old oil/fuel distribution system is located in the 4920 Jay Street NE basement area. Additionally, water was observed in the adjacent townhouse basement level (4922 Jay Street NE) and the sump pump was inundated. Schnabel Engineering DC, Inc. was authorized by the Department's Associate Director of Contracts and Procurement to do the damage assessment and conceptual remedy.

Naweed Nezam
(202) 671-2702