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Waste Management

 Healthy Buildings Initiative

A primary objective of DGS is to provide a clean and secure work environment for District agencies through effective and efficient facility management and maintenance services. In 2017, DGS-SE launched the Healthy Buildings Initiative to support the achievement of this goal across the District’s portfolio through strategies including resource conservation and recovery; the expansion of waste and recycling programs; waste prevention and the expansion of litter control practices.

DGS-SE procures waste management services for all District agencies under the purview of the Executive Office of the Mayor, as well as for some independent agencies like DC Public Library. These procurements support compliance with DC law, which requires all owners and occupants of commercial property, including government properties, to separate all recyclable materials (defined by the Mayor’s List) from the solid waste stream for collection and processing.

The Sustainable Solid Waste Management Act of 2014 and other subsequent policies set forth by the District’s Department of the Environment (DOEE) and Department of Public Works (DPW), along with DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR) provide the foundation for the DGS recycling program. DGS’ recycling program, which extends to all District-owned and occupied properties, aims to support the achievement of the waste targets laid out in the Mayor’s Sustainable DC Plan, including:

  • Introduce construction waste management requirements
  • Reduce total waste generation by 15% from 2012 levels
  • Reuse 20% of all waste produced in the District
  • Increase waste diversion rate to at least 80%
  • By 2032, teach at least 50% of children in the District about sustainability concepts

To learn more about the DGS-SE recycling and composting programs at DC Public Schools, please visit the DGS Healthy Schools page.