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Friday, January 19, 2018

The District of Columbia Department of General Services (the “Department” or “DGS”), Contracts and Procurement Division, desires to engage a contractor to provide certain technical advisory, program maintenance, and inspection and repair/replacement services with respect to BMPs at its various facilities/properties (the “Properties”). Such Services shall be performed by the awarded contractor (“Contractor”) in accordance with the manner, time and other requirements outlined herein. The Department currently maintains various types of BMPs at the Properties which may include any of the following: Green Roofs; Rainwater Harvesting; Impervious Surface Disconnection; Permeable Pavement Systems; Bioretention; Storm water Filtering Systems; Storm water Infiltrations; Open Channel Systems; Ponds; Wetlands; Storage Practices; and Proprietary Practices.

The intent of this solicitation is to maintain BMPs at DGS Properties in strict compliance with all of the District’s Storm-Water Management Regulations, the Storm-Water Management Plan, as amended from time to time (“SWMP”), and the SWMG (including, without limitation, any corrective action issued by DOEE’s Inspection and Enforcement Branch) (collectively, the “DOEE SW Requirements”), in order that DGS will be eligible for certification by DOEE each year to receive Storm water Retention Credits.

The Contractor shall provide all management, labor, materials, tools, supplies, equipment and transportation necessary to perform the Services. The Contractor must be professionally knowledgeable of DOEE’s SWMG and all Storm-Water Management Regulations. To do this, the Contractor must regularly check with DOEE for any revisions made to the Storm-Water Management Regulations (or updates made to the SWMG). If there are such revisions or updates, the Contractor is required to appropriately modify (if needed) the performance of its Services hereunder to comply with such revisions/updates.

Interested Offerors must bid on ALL line items (i.e., every labor category, and the base year and the four (4) option years for each category) for the purpose of the evaluation process. Failure to submit a proposal covering all years shall be sufficient to render a proposal non-responsive and subject to exclusion from further evaluation in consideration of award.

This RFP is designated only for certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) bidders under the provisions of the "Small and Certified Business Enterprise Development and Assistance Act of 2014", D.C. Official Code § 2-218.01 et seq., as amended. ONLY Bidders that are certified by the District of Columbia Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) as a SBE are eligible. A copy of the certification acknowledgment letter must be submitted with the Bidder's Bid.