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DGS Excluded Parties List (Construction)

Pursuant to the DC Code § 2-359.07, the District of Columbia may debar or suspend contractors from consideration for award of contracts or subcontracts. This Excluded Parties List categorizes parties that have been suspended or debarred by the Chief Contracting Officer. While they are debarred or suspended, the District will not solicit offers from, award contracts to, renew, or otherwise extend contracts with, or consent to subcontracts with entities or individuals that appear on the Excluded Parties List. For questions regarding the DGS Excluded Parties List, please contact us at [email protected].

Office of Contracting and Procurement Excluded Parties List - http://ocp.dc.gov/page/excluded-parties-list
Federal Excluded Parties List – sam.gov

Current DGS Excluded Parties List (Construction)
Last Update:  July 19, 2016

Name of Individual

Name of Company

Principal Address

Date of Action

Reason for Exclusion