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Government Center (Municipal Projects)

The District is committed to achieving success by delivering capital construction projects on time and on budget.

DGS Municipal Projects

Claybrick Road Project

Ward 1

DBH's Sobering Center Project
The project scope includes renovation for an existing firehouse facility that will house DBH's DC Stabilization and Sobering Center.

Junior Achievement Launchpad of Greater Washington Project (Ward 1)
The concept of the project is to convert a 13,200 GSF Historic building from general office use to a flexible space for use by the Junior Achievement of Greater Washington.

Ward 2

DC Archives – Naylor Rd Project (Ward 2)
The District of Columbia Archives holds historical and permanently valuable records of the DC Government such as birth and death records, wills, land records and marriage records.

John A. Wilson Building Upgrades (Ward 2)
The project is to resolve several issues found in the building internally and externally. A design team will study the Building's HVAC and selective life safety system and recommend them to be replaced/upgraded accordingly.  

Marion S Barry Building Exterior Stabilization Project (Ward 2)
The project scope includes exterior stabilization of the site. This includes exterior claddings, window leakings, pavements around the building, and stormwater drainage system improvement.

Ward 3

Archive Building - Design & Construction
The Office of Public Records (OPR) is a division under the District of Columbia’s Office of the Secretary.

DC Archives – UDC Building #41 Project (Ward 3)
The new archival facility will address the records center storage needs of the District and provide a facility that meets the standards for records centers.

Ward 4

Ward 5

DACL Model Cities Senior Wellness Center - New Addition (Ward 5)
Provide additional space (1,115 sq. Ft.) to serve as a multi-purpose space which includes a  unisex bathroom and additional parking spaces.

DOES - District of Columbia Infrastructure Academy (DCIA) Renovation (Ward 5)
District of Columbia Infrastructure Academy (DCIA) - Alteration, expansion and renovation of the existing vacant building and site. 

DPW Fleet 1725 15th Street Roof Replacement Project (Ward 5)
This project scope includes the replacement of the roof.

DPW Packer Shop Roof Replacement Project (Ward 5)
This project scope includes the replacement of the roof.

OSSE Bus Terminal Development Project (Ward 5)
This Project will create a new Bus Depot for OSSE-DOT. The Project site development for on-site parking for busses, support staff, and drivers.


Ward 6

OCFO HQ Building - 1101 4th St SW (Ward 6)

Ward 7

Ward 8

DACL Ward 8 Senior Wellness Center (Ward 8)
13,000 SF base building ground up new construction of the Ward 8 Senior Wellness Center where seniors will be able to congregate for recreation and general well-being.

DHCD Tenant Interiors Improvement Project (Ward 8)
This project is a Ground-up development led by the Menkiti Group, managed by DGS to improve, and redesign the DHCD Tenant Interiors space of 55,000 sq. ft.   

HSEMA/OUC Center Renovation Project (Ward 8)
This project provides a significant upgrade of the Annex Building to include major renovation.

Saint Elizabeth's Hospital Emergency Power System Upgrade (Ward 8)
Design-Build project for the upgrade of the emergency electrical power system for the Saint Elizabeth's Hospital.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital Thermal Docking Station-Dinex System Upgrade (Ward 8)
Upgrade the Thermal Docking Station-Dinex System in the hospital.

Ward 8 Senior Wellness Center (New Development) (Ward 8)
This project is new construction of the Ward 8 Senior Wellness Center to enhance ’ the use of the existing facility for the Department of Aging and Community Living (DACL) programmatic operations and services.