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Completed DGS School Projects


Anacostia High School BuildingBallou High School (Ward 8)
Demolition and new construction will include a main academic building, gymnasium, auditorium, indoor natatorium, and athletic field area.
Bancroft Elementary SchoolBancroft Elementary School (Ward 1)
The project will make various buildings on campus more operationally and administratively unified. Existing buildings that are not demolished will be renovated.
The project includes creation of approximately 258,072 sq-ft of new space, including multiple, unique, performance venues.
Modernization and expansion of the existing historic school will provide a learning environment that is safe and accessible for students in preschool to grade 5.
Modernization includes renovation of the existing school building (20,300 sq-ft). Two required additions are being designed.
The project consists of creating an an addition including approx. 9,500 sq-ft of additional space, as well as a Phase-1 modernization of the existing school.

Modernization includes a two story addition consisting of six new classrooms, to align with the enrollment projections of the school.

Kramer Middle School is dedicated to serving students in grades 6 through 8. The school is scheduled to be renovated the summer of 2014


Full modernization, including demolition of the existing 1970's wing, to make room for a new addition. Includes renovation of the playground.


The renewed Roosevelt campus is centered around a new enclosed, central atrium that will serve as the “heart” of the modernized school.
The Phase-1 Modernization scope of work will include the modernization/renovation of all classrooms in the three buildings.
Full modernization and renovation of the existing high school using an adaptive re-use approach. Modernization in accordance with the Ed Specs.

Brookland Middle School Brookland Middle School (Ward 5)

Full modernization and renovation of the existing elementary school and conversion to a middle school using an adaptive re-use approach.
Full modernization with additions in accordance with the Ed Specs will include a gymnasium,exterior restoration, roofing and systems replacement.
The completely new 280,000 sq-ft Dunbar Senior High School will have energy efficient building systems and bright and healthy classrooms.
Hendley Elementary SchoolHendley Elementary School (Ward 8)
Phase 1 Modernization included the complete modernization of classrooms in accordance with MFP Classroom Performance Criteria, new DGS Design Guidelines, and DCPS Guiding Principles.

Horace Mann Elementary School Horace Mann Elementary School (Ward 3)

Modernization of the school consists of renovating the existing school building and the construction of two new building additions.

Johnson Middle SchoolJohnson Middle School (Ward 8)

Modernization includes interior renovations to classrooms; media center; administrative offices; main entrance; and HVAC.

Langdon Elementary SchoolLangdon Elementary School (Ward 5)

Modernization Phase-1A and Phase-1B will commence during the summer of 2014.

Leckie Elementary SchoolLeckie Elementary School (Ward 8)
Phase I modernization included the renovation of classrooms, corridors and restrooms.This project also included but was not limited to MEP upgrade, new flooring, new FF&E, and new interior finishes.
McKinley Middle SchoolMcKinley Technical High School (Ward 5)
Renovation of existing unoccupied wing of McKinley Technical High School. Renovation occured on 3 floors of the building.
Moten Elementary SchoolMoten Elementary School (Ward 8)
The new modernization design was based on the individual educational specifications and facility programs requirements, which were developed with help from the School Improvement and School Planning/Design teams.
This phase-1 will include the modernizatioin of the following spaces: west building, central building, and the east building 3rd floor structural retrofit.
Phase one was completed of a two phase project plan, consisting of fully rehabilitating the 39,334 sq-ft building based on the 2013 ED Specs.
The modernization includes the renovation of one of the two existing school buildings (39,995 sq-ft).

Plummer Elementary SchoolPlummer Elementary School (Ward 7)

The school is scheduled for a Construction Renovation (Phase-1 Modernization) of the existing school building.

Reno SchoolReno School (Ward 3)

The modernization and renovation of the existing historic Reno School will consist of an adaptive re-use approach. 

Ron Brown College Preparatory High School (Ward 7)
Ron Brown College Preparatory High School will be a newly renovated school in the existing Ron Brown Middle School.

River Terrace Special Education Center (SPED)River Terrace Special Education (SPED) Center (Ward 7)

The new addition will house a career development center (CDC), an administration suite with a visitors’ welcoming center, a health suite with a doctor and dentist office, an occupational therapy suite with a therapy pool, music and art rooms, and sensory rooms.

Simon Elementary SchoolSimon Elementary School (Ward 8)
The complete modernization of classrooms was completed in accordance with MFP Classroom Performance Criteria, new OPEFM Design Guidelines, and DCPS Guiding Principles.

DC Scholars Stanton Elementary SchoolStanton Elementary School (Ward 8)

The school will undergo an interior renovation during Phase-1, including new windows and a new HVAC system. During Phase-2, a new building addition will be constructed.

Stuart Hobson Middle SchoolStuart-Hobson Middle School (Ward 6)

The Modernization is to include a complete MEP upgrade to the existing systems, a gym renovation, and a Museum Program that includes a 13,918 sq-ft building addition.