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East Potomac Pool (Ward 6)

East Potomac Pool

Project Overview:

The Project will include a full range of design services necessary to implement the concept design and deliver state-of-the-art competitive aquatics facility. The Project includes replacement of the pool and pool deck as well as renovation of the pool house.

Project Status:

The Department of General Services (DGS) is committed to the safety of all District residents at every work site it manages on behalf of the city.  Our commitment to safety includes all phases of construction, from project start to completion.  It has become necessary to demobilize and stabilize the East Potomac Pool project due to deteriorating site conditions from significant and unforeseen groundwater intrusion that ultimately made the continuation of the project both safety and cost prohibitive. Demobilizing involves halting the original project work.  Stabilization involves deconstructing what was put in place during the project, filling in any excavations, and grading the site to prevent stormwater run-off and ponding. We are disappointed that the current course of action has become necessary but believe it is in the best interest of District residents and taxpayers. Working with our partners at the Department of Parks and Recreation, DGS strives to maximize park and recreation spaces, especially for opportunities to swim. We will continue to deliberate about next steps and will follow up with the community once there is further direction for the project.

Address: 972 Ohio Drive, SW
Ward: 6
DPR Project Manager: Brent Sisco
DGS Project Manager: Sean Garganio
Project Status: See above Project Update
Project Delivery Type: Design Bid Build
Current Budget: $14,350,000
Start Date: Winter 2018
End Date:  See above Project Update
DGS Contact:Chellese Grove

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